Series 4003 LED

Stack Light 

LED stack light product available in many colors and sound section.
(4000-4003) LED Stacks

803 Time and Temperature Sign

SCC 803 time and temperature product line available in many sizes and colors.
(803) Time & Temp

Mass Notification

System Display

MNS Displays are available in a number of sizes and communication options.
Specification & Literature

SCC 977 Scalable

Andon Product 

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***SCC scalable andon product is designed for customers to build their own andon boards with standard plastic molded pods.
Manuals & Drawings

Industrial Products

941 Integral Music System Horn 

***Low cost***

Complete Music System Inside Speaker Assembly. SCC music board and volume control mounted inside horn assembly with 4 pin micro connector for 24 VDC power. This music system is capable of playing 64 unique melodies and tones.
Specification & Literature

Series 950 Marquee Displays 

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***

Featuring 2.0- or 4.0-inch alpha-numeric characters and serial or parallel interfaces, SCC Marquee Displays offer excellent design flexibility. (950 Series) Marquee Displays

SCC 985 Outdoor Electronic

Message Center

***Please Call (248) 926-4400   for Pricing***

The SCC 985 outdoor EMC will help you convey to your customers the products you sell, sales promotions, news, temperature, time, and much more. (985) LED Electronic Message Center

Series 920 DC

Power Supplies 

Full range of 120/240 AC to VDC power supplies.
Power Supplies

Static Controls Corporation's Products - Custom LED Signs

Series 980 Full Matrix Display Boards

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***
Powerful and programmable, the SCC Series 980 Display Board offers the ultimate in factory-floor communications.
(982) Full Matrix

Outdoor Products

803 LED Gas

Price Product

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***

SCC outdoor LED gas price sign.
(803) LED Price Displays

Outdoor LED Hotel

Price Sign

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***

SCC LED Hotel Price Sign Specification & Literature

SCC 987 Full Color Message Center

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***

SCC outdoor full color LED electronic message center. Built to your specifications single or double sided display with SCC software included with sign.
(987) Full Color Message Center

990 Industrial 24/7 Monitor 

***Please Call (248) 926-4400 for Pricing***

LED/LCD Industrial Monitor