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Who We Are

Welcome to Static Controls Corporation - Industry Leaders in Manufacturing Industrial LED Display Boards

Established in 1968, Static Controls Corporation today is an ISO 9001-certified company serving manufacturers with visual factory products designed to improve communications and process time as well as increase quality and safety.

In addition to providing high quality products at competitive prices, we bring to the marketplace a philosophy which places importance on gaining long-term relationships with our customers.

To accomplish this, we make a strong commitment to your satisfaction...

For example, we’re usually among the first to bring new products to market.  This innovation is easily seen in our advanced Series 980 full matrix product that combines many functions in one display. 

We’re willing to work with you to create unique new solutions.  In fact, we’ve teamed with client engineers to design prototypes for specialized needs.

We’re ready to extend extra support, which may include writing custom programs, retrofitting existing signs with upgraded designs, or offering on-site training.

This “whatever-it-takes” attitude has helped us to gain new customers while retaining existing ones.  In fact, many clients have been with us from the beginning.  And with their support and that of others, we’ve been able to experience steady growth over the years.

Today, our clients can be found not only throughout the U.S. but also around the world, where we’ve supplied products to major installations in automotive, food, textile and tire manufacturing plants.

For them -- and for you -- we at Static Controls Corporation promise:

Teamwork, Quality And Response For Our Customers.